Central Florida Neurofeedback

Brain NeurofeedbackWhat are the benefits of training my Brain?

While everyone's results depend on what they bring to the training sessions, you may notice a sense of calm and clarity after a few sessions.

Brain training can help enhance:

Sleep, so that you wake up feeling more refreshed

Mental acuity, clarity and problem solving

A decrease in sad thoughts, worry or ruminating

Peak performance and brain fitness – not just in older adults but students as well

What to expect

After 3 sessions – you may notice a sense of calm after the sessions themselves

After 7 sessions – you may notice that your focus is better, you are less reactive to stress

After 12 sessions – you may notice that your concentration and problem solving are better

The people you are around the most may notice results before you!

These results may be seen after 2 sessions per week! We recommend that you start with two sessions per week. Depending on your results we will talk with you about when and how to taper after you have been training for a while. Everyone's results are specific to them! NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback uses technology that gears itself to meet your brain where your brain is at. There is no costly brain mapping or gearing training toward a specific issue. The benefit of this is to be able to train what your brain needs at the time of the training, not what you may have needed when your first decided to train.

Neurofeedback Training Reviews

Since beginning the (neurofeedback) training, have noticed an acute ability to focus on details. My mental sharpness has greatly improved. I would greatly recommend the neurofeedback for those wanting to maintain or regain that edge with your mental sharpness.: - Steve Hutchinson, Territory Manager, Baretta, USA

At first, I was skeptical not knowing how neurofeedback worked. I asked questions of the technician, who was well informed and reassured me.

I was surprised by how I felt after several sessions. I found when I answered the (tracking) questions thoughtfully at the beginning of the session regarding what I needed help with, results happened. I left the sessions fellling refreshed and eager to start the rest of my day. –Barbara Fischler, CLU, ChFc, Casl, CMFC Financial Advisor